Research sections

The research groups, general faculty and technological platforms at DTU Bioengineering are divided into four research sections, which are each focused on a specific scientific area within life science and bioengineering. All research groups are established, headed and managed by a senior researcher, who is responsible for developing strategies within her or his respective research niche, manage finances and personnel employed and secure external funding.

Section for Microbial and Chemical Ecology  Section for Synthetic Biology  Section for Protein Science and Biotherapeutics  Section for Protein Chemistry and Enzyme Technology
 Bacterial Ecophysiology and Biotechnology Network Engineering of Eukaryotic Cell Biology   Protease Network Degradomics Enzyme Technology 
 Infection Microbiology Photosynthetic Cell Factories   Disease Systems Immunology Enzyme and Protein Chemistry 
 Metabolic Signaling and Regulation Eukaryotic Molecular Cell Biology   Adaptive Immunology Protein Glycoscience and Biotechnology 
 Bacterial Interactions and Evolution Biosynthetic Pathway Engineering   Innate Immunology Protein Structure 
 Natural product Discovery    Translational Immunology Interfacial Enzymology 
 Antimicrobial Agents    Ticket  
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 General  Faculty      
 Ling Ding  Christopher Workman  Andreas Hougaard Laustsen  
 Claus Sternberg      
 Jan Martinussen  Birgitte Andersen    

 Jens Christian Frisvad    

 DTU Metabolomics Core  DTU Fermentation Core  DTU Proteomics Core