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One of the core tasks for DTU employees, is to contribute to the university's programs, and as a researcher at DTU Bioengineering, you are expected to contribute significantly to the department's teaching activities.

The department continuously works on creating an environment where the teachers inspire each other to think new, and to perceive teaching as an independent academic discipline and not solely as dissemination of subject areas.

In order for the students to quickly feel that they are part of  strong academic environment we want them to connect closely to the researchers and to the research groups early on in their education. Therefore, the researchers' doors at DTU Bioengineering are open to the students, and the students are encouraged from the first semester to take special courses, which are closely linked to existing research projects.

All teaching activities are based on DTU's mission to "develop and utilize science and technical science for the benefit of society", and must therefore at all times be targeted to the needs of society and of the business community.

With a foundation in DTU's academic environments, every department is responsible for ensuring that the teaching, through the pedagogical and didactic practice, is research-based and relevant to society, and that the students are challenged to their limits.

Teaching Organization
Every department has study boards, study leaders and pedagogical mentors, who, together with the departments’ course leaders, collaborate on creating world-class teaching and guidance.

The local structure of teaching must ensure the quality of the content, structure and pedagogy of the courses, and create the basis for collegial sparring and knowledge sharing.

At DTU Bioengineering, education and teaching are organized around a number of forums and functions, which together must ensure anchoring in the management priorities, social relevance, research basis and high pedagogy and didactic quality.

Head of Department
Is in charge of and has the overall responsibility of the teaching activities at the department both strategically, financially, as a performance parameter, and as part of the individual development of the staff, both VIP and TAP.

Leader Team
Consists of the Head of Department, the Head of Administration, the Head of Teaching and Heads of Sections. Discusses strategic issues on research, education, innovation and organization. Strategic decisions related to teaching are made by the Leader Team.

Head of Teaching
Is the daily supervisor of activities related to recruitment of new students, student organizations and administration of courses (BSc, MSc, PhD and continued education).

The aim is to have one entry to teaching activities and an administrative leader with an overview of rules, regulations, economy, capacity, department strategy, possible areas to improve etc. on all teaching related activities.

Heads of Studies
Are each responsible for a study program and refer to the DTU Dean, and work in close collaboration with the central DTU study administration. Heads of Studies are in charge of the development and continuous evaluation of the course portfolio, and the course competence matrix, with the purpose of securing that the education is aimed at the future job market for bioengineers. Head of Studies are also obliged to do study counselling, to help students in their choice of courses and studies abroad etc. Each Head of Study has a Study Advisory Board.

Teaching Core
Consists of Head of Department, Head of Teaching, Heads of Studies and Coordinators of cross-departmental study lines.

Discuss procedures, and framework for the teaching activities at the department, and ensures alignment between the central DTU study administration and the resources and strategic focus at the department. The Teaching Core also discuss more strategic matters in relation to the course portfolio, and arranges “Course-on-the-Table” meetings where content and didactics of specific courses are discussed. The aim is to secure good educations, smooth administration, optimal use of resources and a clear educational profile of DTU Bioengineering that reflects the scientific strengths of the department.

Department Study Board (ISN)
Consists of 6-10 members of which half are VIP and half are students. Heads of Studies and Coordinators of cross-departmental study lines are born members of the Department Study Board at DTU Bioengineering.

The Board deals with placement of courses (spring/fall, weekday, morning/afternoon), quality control of course descriptions, course and exam evaluations, as well as course complaints and applications for extension of study time.

Department Study Board Secretary
A secretary who also handles administrative tasks related the course base, examinations, room booking, etc., supports the Study Board. The aim is to support faculty and make administrative procedures related to teaching as easy and smooth as possible. The Study Board Secretary refers to Head of Teaching.

Study advisory group
Consists of Heads of Studies, a number of teachers that represents central courses, at least two students, Head of Teaching, and for master programs, representatives for graduates and recipients of the graduates.  The aim of the study advisory groups is to assist the Heads of Studies in the development and quality assurance of the programs.

Pedagogical mentor group
Consists of 3-5 pedagogical mentors of which one is the pedagogical coordinator.

Deals with applications from young scientist, who wish to enter into a Teaching Track and participate in the UDTU (Education in University Teaching at DTU) courses at LearningLab. The Head of Department grants funding for the courses, and a pedagogical mentor is appointed. A pedagogical mentor can also be asked to coach or supervise course coordinators. The Mentor group arrange Teaching seminars with general discussions on good teaching and examination methods.

Head of Teaching Core

Malene Bonné Meyer
Head of Teaching and Talent Development
DTU Bioengineering
+45 45 25 49 33

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