Biomedicine and health

Understanding the boundary between health and disease, including immune regulation, metabolism and behavior of opportunistic pathogens, is a prerequisite for the development of novel disease intervention strategies. 

DTU Bioengineering targets life-style diseases, and disorders caused by microbial infection, toxins as well as antibiotic resistance. Strong emphasis is imparted on translational aspects and aims at providing enhancements in prevention, diagnosis, and therapies. Understanding antibiotic modes of action, preventing resistance-development as well as dissemination in bacterial pathogens together with discovery of novel drugs, including antibiotics are key strategies in this research area. Moreover, early life programming of later risk for life style diseases is a key area for us in development of new preventive strategies. 

New diagnostic approaches are developed based on multivariate biomarker systems. The role and the interactions of the immune system with basal metabolic control, and the interplay between immune cells, pathogens and gut or lung commensals are discerned. Similarly, the cross-talk between diet, gut microbiome and the host are explored at the molecular and structural levels.

Proteomics core

The constant high level of research into biomedicine and health at DTU Bioengineering has made it possible to attract resources and develop a world-class technological platform for proteome analysis.