Research Projects

On-going projects (March 2018)

Center for Microbial Secondary Metabolites (CeMiSt). A center of excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. Center leader: Professor Lone Gram

Aquaculture microbiomes. Assistent professor Mikkel Bentzon-Tilia

Degradation of microplastics by marine bacteria. Assistent professor Eva Sonnenschein

Characterization and use of chitinases from marine bacteria 2017-2020. A PhD project funded by China Scholarship Council cofunded with DTU. PhD student Xiyan Wang

Biosynthetic pathways and expression platforms for marine bioactive compounds. 2017-2019. A postdoc project funded by H.C. Ørsted fellowship programme cofunded
by Marie Skłodowska CurieActions. postdoc Shengda Zhang

EcoTech. From Ecology to Technology - unraveling to bioactive potential of marine bacteria. 2017-2012. A PhD and postdoc project funded by the Research Council for Technology and Production. PhD student Yannick Buijs (bacteriology). Postdoc Thomas Isbrandt (natural product chemistry)

The effect of culture conditions on the bictive potential of marine bacteria  2016-2019. A PhD project funded by Villum Foundation and DTU Bioengineering PhD student Sara Skjøtt Paulsen

Interaction between fish probiotic roseobacters and the natural microbiota in aquaculture settings 2016-2019. A PhD project funded by DTU Bioengineering. PhD student Karen Kiesbye Dittmann

Development of electrochemically deposited surfaces based on copper and silver with antibacterial effect 2016-2019. An industrial PhD project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. Collaboration between DTU BioEngineering and Elplatek A/S, DTU Mechanic and Copenhagen University. PhD student Nicole Ciacotich

Reducing antibiotic use in marine larviculture by a novel combinatory probiotic strategy (ProAqua) 2013-2018 Funded by the Committee for Strategic Research in Health, Food and Welfare. Headed by DTU Bioengineering/ professor Lone Gram. From DTU Bioengineering: PhD student Bastian Barker Rasmussen, Torben Grotkær and postdoc Paul D’Alvise. Collaborative partners: University of Copenhagen, Venøsund skaldyr, Maximus, University of Bergen, ACD Pharmaceuticals, Selonda, Hellenic Center for Marine Research, BGI Europe.


Newly ended projects

Microbial communication and biocontrol. 2013-2017. Funded by Villum Foundation. postdoc Mikkel Bentzon-Tilia. Collaborative project with Copenhagen University

Antimicrobial peptides and peptidomimetics as anti-infectives. 2013-2016. A Ph.D. project funded by DTU Systems Biology. Headed by Lone Gram; co-supervised by associate professor Henrik Franzyk from Health, Copenhagen University. PhD student Linda Citterio.

Improving food safety by eliminating pathogens in mixed biofilms ( 2013-2017. Funded by the Committee for Strategic Research in Health, Food and Welfare. Headed by DTU Bioengineering / professor Lone Gram.  From DTU Systems Biology: postdoc Virginie Oxaran. Collaborative partners:  Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto - University of São Paulo and Faculty of Pharmacy - Federal University of Goiás

Improved cultivation efficiency of marine microorganisms (MaCuMBA)  2012-2016. Funded by EU. Headed by NIOZ / professor Lucas Stal. From DTU Bioengineering: postdoc Mariane Schmidt and technician Jette Melchiorsen. 23 collaborative partners from 11 countries)

Increasing Value and Flow in the Marine Biodiscovery Pipeline (PharmaSea) 2012-2017. Funded by EU, headed by Univ Aberdeed / professor Marcel Jaspers. From DTU Bioengineering: postdoc Eva Sonnenschein. 24 collaborative partners from 13 countries

Listeria monocytogenes persister cells. 2013-2016. A Ph.D. project funded by DTU Bioengineering. Headed by postdoc Gitte M. Knudsen and Lone Gram. PhD student Thomas Curtis.



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