Clous computing

Hands-off biology - towards full automation of life science experiments in the cloud

In an attempt to address reproducibility issues as well as increase the overall throughput of Life Science research, we have been exploring the automation of experiments at so called “cloud laboratories” (i.e. Transcriptic and Emerald Cloud Lab) and Biofoundries (the University of Washington BioFab) through a moonshot project funded by the Villum Foundation’s Experiment program.

After overcoming a number of roadblocks, we are currently constructing Yeast strains for the production of naringenin at the University of Washington BioFab, which we will further characterize and optimize in a large-scale fermentation campaign at Culture Biosciences, a company that provides fermentation as a programmable service—all without having touched pipette in months.


Nikolaus Sonnenschein
Associate Professor
DTU Bioengineering