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Memote - A community-driven effort towards a standardized genome-scale metabolic model test suite

Several studies have shown that neither the formal representation nor the functional requirements of genome-scale metabolic models (GEMs) are precisely defined. Without a consistent standard, comparability, reproducibility, and interoperability of models across groups and software tools cannot be guaranteed. To address these issues, we have developed memote (https://memote.io/) an open-source software containing a community-maintained, standardized set of metabolic model tests.

The tests cover a range of aspects from annotations to conceptual integrity and can be extended to include experimental datasets for automatic model validation. In addition to testing a model once, memote can be configured to do so automatically, i.e., while building a GEM. A comprehensive report displays the model’s performance parameters, which supports informed model development and facilitates error detection.

Memote provides a measure for model quality that is consistent across reconstruction platforms and analysis software and simplifies collaboration within the community by establishing workflows for publicly hosted and version controlled models. 


Nikolaus Sonnenschein
Associate Professor
DTU Bioengineering