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Bjarke Bak Christensen

Bjarke Bak Christensen, Head of Department, DTU Bioengineering

We have listened to the needs from industry and boosted the Master in Biotechnology with four specialized study programs and have attracted almost twice as many students eager to specialize in various fields of biotechnology.

Large grants accelerate the development of new antibody based pharmaceuticals and opens op for new areas of research and innovation in Denmark.
In the upcoming free symposium Bioengineering in food and feed production, we bring industry and academia together and highlight biotechnology as a powerful tool to engineer a sustainable future. Read more


In the upcoming one-day symposium, Bioengineering in food and feed production, DTU Bioengineering bring together industry and academia to highlight biotechnology as a powerful tool to engineer a sustainable future. Read more
A new professorship in Glycoengineering funded by The Novo Nordisk Foundation, opens up for new areas of research and innovation in Denmark. Read more
The MSc in Biotechnology is boosted with four specialized study programmes Read more
Researchers identify and functionally describe key transport proteins, which contribute to creating a healthy early life gut microbiota. Read more
Researchers at DTU are boosting the development of new methods for designing medicines based on human antibodies. These types of medicine can be used... Read more
The Novo Nordisk Foundation makes large grant to the development of new biopharmaceutical processes, as well as education and training of students and... Read more
Job Postings
Job Postings
DTU Bioengineering
DTU Bioengineering - Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine
The department adresses important social and scientific challenges within biotechnology, biomedicine, food technology and human and animal health. 

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