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New continuing education courses for biotech professionals

Thursday 26 Nov 20


Bjarke Bak Christensen
Head of Department
DTU Bioengineering
+45 30 66 42 33


Anne Margrethe Dahl Nielsen
Continuing Education Coordinator
DTU Bioengineering
+45 93 51 01 76

Upcoming courses

  • Introduction to Python and data science for biotechnologists
  • Hands-on cGMP for Biomanufacturing
  • Global Regulatory Affairs for Medical Products
  • Introduction to Biomanufacturing
  • QA 4.0- future GMP technologies

From 2021 DTU Bioengineering will offer continuing education courses specifically developed for biotech professionals.  

The biotech industry is one of the world’s most important business sectors and it is growing rapidly. The technological and scientific developments in the sector happens at a very high pace and this challenge biotech businesses to remain competitive by ensuring that the employees are trained in the most recent technologies and are up-to-date on research developments.


Being at the forefront of research DTU Bioengineering is currently developing a series of new continuing education courses in cutting-edge research and technology tailored specifically to the needs of the biotech sector. Head of DTU Bioengineering Bjarke Bak Christensen says:


“DTU Bioengineering is closely connected to the biotech industry and we want to help bringing the knowledge, methods, and scientific breakthroughs that we create at the universities into the biotech industries thereby giving them an edge in the international competition.”


DTU Bioengineering will also offer courses on basic knowledge and training and will design courses on-demand. The first courses are developed in collaboration with DTU Chemical Engineering and The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability and will be offered on market conditions from the summer 2021.


New courses

Introduction to Python and data science for biotechnologists

Get absolute programming novices in biotechnology (technicians, scientists, managers) of the ground with adopting Python (instead of Excel) in their daily work.
Venue: Online
Duration: 3 days
From: May 2021

Hands-on cGMP for Biomanufacturing

Touching upon both classic GMP and novel future GMP. The course provides practical exercises along with lectures with a process oriented focus on the upstream and downstream operations that comprise a typical biopharmaceutical process. The course provides fundamental concepts, process parameters, and operational considerations for the following processing steps common to most processes: fermentation and cell culture, centrifugation, chromatography, and ultrafiltration. The course will take place in the pilot plant facilities at the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.
Venue: DTU Campus
Duration: 4 days
From: Summer 2021

Global Regulatory Affairs for Medical Products

The course will be dealing with the regulatory affairs for medical products and has the objective to survey a general overview about the quality systems used to meet the regulatory requirements. It will include developing, testing, manufacturing, and selling medical products in the global marketplace.
Venue: Online
Duration: 3-4 days
From: Summer 2021

Introduction to Biomanufacturing

The course aims to kick-start careers in industrial fermentation or to support career changers from related areas (e.g. downstream processing, QC, etc.) in moving to fermentation and biobased production processes. It gives an overview of state of the art biomanufacturing technologies and provides the participants with knowledge of fermentation technology, data analysis, quantitative considerations, preparing them to participate in fermentation process development and operation.
Venue: DTU – Lectures + hands-on
Duration: 3 days
From: August 2021

QA 4.0- future GMP technologies

This course will be dealing with more visionary aspects of GMP methods. This includes QbD and PAT, technologies gaining more and more ground in the pharmaceutical industries. Model supported process prediction including CFD methods for design space descriptions will be introduced as well as novel measurement techniques and the concept of digital twins for the potential use in continuous production or batch production processes. Finally, virtual processes and laboratories for process understanding, operator training and AI and machine learning will also be a topic. This course has to be developed along with our industrial partners in order to confirm the industrial needs.
Venue: DTU – Lectures + hands-on         
Duration: 3 days (tbd)
From: tbd

More courses are in the pipeline. For more information about the courses please contact Anne Margrethe Dahl Nielsen at or 93 51 01 76.

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