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Symposium addresses solutions of threats to human health

Monday 11 Oct 21


Ulrich auf dem Keller
Professor MSO
DTU Bioengineering
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Steffen Goletz
DTU Bioengineering
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DTU Bioengineering brings together leading experts from academia and industry to discuss how antibody and proteome technologies can address threats to human health. 

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated mankind’s vulnerability to devastating diseases that threaten not only individuals but also impact the stability of societies and economies around the globe. However, current therapeutics are often insufficient for treatment due to a lack of efficacy and specificity, or are evaded by pathogens due to drug resistance.

It is now clear that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but an urgent need to develop individualized diagnostics and treatments in health systems by turning towards personalized medicine. Hence, it is paramount that academia and industry collaborate in order to continually try to stay ahead of these developments.

With the symposium Life Science Engineering – Expanding the Therapeutic Space DTU Bioengineering will bring together world-leading researchers from academia and industry to address this urgency by exploring new avenues to expand the therapeutic space.

In two main sessions, the symposium explores the latest advancements in antibody technologies and single-cell proteome technologies as two cutting-edge technologies that have the potentials to expand the therapeutic space. See the program and sign up here

Session I: New discoveries in antibody technologies

This session will connect global leaders in antibody technologies with leading edge researchers from DTU to display the latest advancements in the field and further develop connections between academia and industry.

A range of technologies and therapeutic approaches will be presented and discussed such as novel antibody and screening formats, complex bispecific engineering, and effector domain optimization via glycoengineering, for therapeutic approaches in various indications such as infectious diseases, cancer and animal envenoming.     

Session II: Single-cell proteome technologies

This session will bring together world-leading experts in functional disease proteomics and single-cell proteome technologies with proteomics researchers from DTU to present latest advancements with the potential to transform research and development workflows in industry and academia.

Proteomics has become a key technology in life science engineering and an integral part of the development of personalized diagnostics and therapies. Single-cell proteome technologies represent the next level in comprehensive proteome analysis and open up completely new opportunities in functional dissection and engineering of interconnected cell networks. These might be heterogeneous cell populations in diseased tissues, microbial communities in biofilms, soil or host-pathogen environments or production cells in fermenters.

These are two scientific areas where DTU Bioengineering stands very strong and where we are continually looking for industry partners to help transition academic research into society where it can be of benefit.

We encourage PhD’s and postdocs to enter a poster abstract and ask that the abstract guidelines are followed. Poster deadline is October 24.

The symposium will be live streamed. Seats are limited.

One-day symposium

November 4, 2021
8.30- 17.30


Technical University of Denmark
Anker Engelunds Vej 101A,
2800 Lyngby

Free of charge including lunch and coffee brakes.


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