Enzyme and Protein Chemistry

Group Leader: Birte Svensson

EPC applies expertise in protein structure, function, engineering and functional proteomics to unravel the molecular basis for functionality and interactions of components in biological systems and biotechnological processes.

Focus is on systems including  interplay of probiotic bacteria and gut microbiota with diet and the human host, mediated by protein-carbohydrate interactions;  starter cultures; biomass degradation/biorefinery; cereal grain germination, pathogen interactions, abiotic stress (heat, drought, salinity) and nutrient uptake, all of vital importance for food supply and quality.

The strategy of the group includes functional proteomics to identify protein research targets, e.g. the barley NTR/Trx system which is now the best‐described plant thioredoxin system at the molecular and structural level and inspired new research in redox-regulation in plants, microbes and biotechnological processes.

EPC’s achievements depend on international and national collaborations and our expertise in recombinant production, biophysical and biochemical characterisation of proteins, e.g. carbohydrate‐active transporters, hydrolases and inhibitors, and redox‐active enzymes in probiotics, cereals and fungi.

EPC hosts protein and proteomics instrumentation with internal and external users. EPC collaborates wihin the department and with DTU Nanotech, Food, Chemistry, Vet, Mechanics, Informatics, Chemical Engineering.



Birte Svensson
DTU Bioengineering
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