Ubiquitin Signalling and Inflammation

Structure of ubiquitin Ubiquitin is a small protein (76 amino acids) that occurs in all eucaryotic cells . It is involved in the regulation of various cell processes. PDB source 5knl. 3d rendering  J

Ubiquitin Signalling and Inflammation

We aim to understand how inflammation – the body’s first and rapid response to infection or tissue damage – is controlled. We try to understand how this inflammatory response is orchestrated and regulated at the cellular and molecular level by a wealth of cross-talking signalling pathways.

A particular focus in the lab is how the ubiquitin system controls and coordinates the pro-inflammatory signalling. Ubiquitination is the post-translational conjugation of the small protein ubiquitin to substrates. This signalling mechanism regulates virtually all cellular processes and it is particularly critical for initiating and coordinating inflammatory signalling.


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