Current instrumentation

The Metabolomics Core is located across several laboratories within building 221, with all relevant installations our current instrumentation includes: 

Mass spectrometry

  • Agilent UHPLC-QTOF (G6545) ultra high resolution MS/MS system, especially used for accurate mass and automated-MS/MS screening of microbial secondary metabolites such as mycotoxins (12). 
  • Bruker Maxis HD QTOF ultra high resolution MS/MS system with Dionex RSLC (UHPLC) system for normal UHPLC applications (123) e.g. for microbial secondary metabolites and algal toxins.
  • Agilent UHPLC-QqQ (G6490) triple quadrupole MS/MS used for targeted quantification of various small molecules. 
  • Bruker Autoflex Speed MALDI TOF instrument for microbial interactions, especially imaging of cultures

In collaboration with Agilent technologies we house the DTU-Agilent Center for the Study of Mycotoxins as a result of the Agilent Thought Leader Award

Gas chromatography mass spectrometry 

  • Thermo ISQ 7000 with CTC PAL sampler allowing for SPME and headspace sampling

Liquid chromatography

  • Two Dionex UHPLC systems with diode array detection (DAD) and automated fraction collection for semi-preparative chromatography  
  • Agilent 1290 with automated fraction collector for bioassays and semi-preparative chromatography
  • Agilent 1100 HPLC systems with diode array detection (DAD), fluorescence detection (FLD) for standard reversed phase and HILIC separations 

Software and data-analysis

For analyzing data we have several solutions:

  • Chromeleon 6.8 is available as a department license to analyse data from Dionex UHPLC.
  • DataAnalysis4.1 to analyse data from Bruker maXis. A limited number of licenses of Target Analysis1.2 and Bruker Profile Analysis 2.0 for unbiased data analysis and multivariate data analysis.
  • MassHunter to analyze Agilent LC-HRMS data. In-house natural product databases built using MassHunter were available. 
  • For dereplication of natural products extracts we have access to Antibase and MarinLit on a dedicated data-analysis workstation
  • Chemical Abstarcs / scifinder is available on campus and through the Remote Desktop solution from home, please register here for access.

Sample preparation

  • Beadbeater for up to 96 sample at the time 
  • Several centrifuges for up to 50 ml samples 
  • Freeze driers 
    N2 Evaporation facilities for falcon tubes, vials and microtiter plates  
  • All types of SPE columns (ion exchange, mixed mode, NP, size exclusion) 
  • Additional supporting instrumentation includes vacuum concentrators, ultrasonicators, instrument network server for automated data-backup.
  • All instruments can be remotely controlled from the office as well as home.