DTU Mycotoxin-Fungal Secondary Metabolite MS/HRMS library

The DTU Metabolomics Core hosts the DTU Mycotoxin-Fungal Secondary Metabolite MS/HRMS library.

The library is created in collaboration with Agilent technologies in the DTU-Agilent Center for the Study of Mycotoxins as a result of the Agilent Thought Leader Award .

The library has been created on the Agilent UHPLC-QTOF (G6550) ultra high Resolution MS/MS system, especially used for accurate mass and automated-MS/MS screening of secondary metabolites and mycotoxins (1, 2)

The public part of the library (277 compounds) can be dowloaded in the Agilent PCDL format here.
Since the library is only intended for research purposes DTU have no liability due to any errors in the library.