Getting started

Typical requirement for setting up a complete screen of 96 experiments.

  • 10 ml pure protein @ 10 mg/ml
  • Short meeting about expectations – what questions do you want to have answered.
  • Data collection and data processing, structure solution, will be negotiated
  • For initial crystallization plate setup there is a set price per crystal plate

Success is linked to prior chemical knowledge of the system of interest

  • Is the protein monodisperse in solution (SEC)?
  • Does it require co-factor or other special conditions? e.g FAD, ATP etc
  • Does it contain glycans, or other post-translation modifications?
  • Do primary structure include floppy regions such as a Tag, or intrinsically disordered regions (IDR’s)?


Jens Preben Morth

Jens Preben Morth Professor Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine Mobile: +45 93511454

Suzana Siebenhaar

Suzana Siebenhaar Laboratory technician Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine Mobile: +45 23398840