Transcriptional Regulation and Single-Cell Systems Genomics

Single cell on blue background

We are interested in the fundamental process of cell fate specification during mammalian development and differentiation at single-cell level. The group aims to understand general paradigms of cell state and fate specification, with a particular interest in transcriptional and epigenetic regulatory networks, and their crosstalk with cell cycle, metabolism and fundamental cellular processes.

We have a strong interdisciplinary foundation and combine wet-lab experiments with theoretical models and computational approaches at single-cell and bulk level to uncover principles governing cell fate decisions, and their consequences in development and disease. We work with a variety of model organisms spanning developmental (ESCs/hiPSCs), differentiation (CNS, immune) and clinical samples, and exploit a range of molecular, cellular and computational approaches to achieve the goals above.

The group also develops and utilizes different single-cell profiling methods such as time-lapse imaging, transcriptomics (scRNA-seq), chromatin accessibility (scATAC-seq), multi-omics and spatial transcriptomics, alongside development of computational approaches for inferring regulatory networks and large-scale analysis of bulk and single-cell sequencing data.
Our science and team is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, and we welcome cross-disciplinary projects and members with varied competences in relevant fields.

Want to join the group?
We plan to hire at all levels! If you are interested in our research (experimental, computational or both), send an email with your CV and a cover letter describing your interests.