Udefra closeup
08 JAN

New unique imaging facility at DTU

The facility is a major step on the road to targeted use of microbiomes for biological control of disease-causing organisms.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Sygt barn
08 DEC

New knowledge about coliforms to counteract multi-resistance

Researchers have now mapped how coliform bacteria attach to the intestinal wall giving hope for development of new treatments.

02 DEC

National cluster for life science and welfare technology goes live

The newly formed cluster will contribute to and improve the foundation for world-class patient care, innovation and product development.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Medicine and medico technology
Andreas Hougaard Laustsen
27 NOV

DKK 25 M to develop recombinant snakebite antivenom

A grant of DKK 25 M from Wellcome gives hope to snakebite victims in sub-Saharan Africa of better and safer treatment.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Medicine and medico technology
Bjarke Bak Christensen
26 NOV

AI to accelerate green transition

Students with programming and AI skills in biotechnology boost research efficiency and create more sustainable production.

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Mand til efteruddannelseskursus
26 NOV

New continuing education courses for biotech professionals

From 2021 DTU Bioengineering will offer continuing education courses specifically developed for biotech professionals.  

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Computer Aided Design of Cell Factories
25 NOV

Computer power used in design of cells for biological production

DTU offers new courses in handling large data sets using programming and artificial intelligence, AI.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Data analysis Computer calculations Software and programming
Solange I. Mussatto
25 NOV

New research group focusing on sustainability

A grant of 15 M DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation will give DTU Bioengineering a greater focus on sustainability in both research and education. 

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Fermentation at DTU Bioengineering
16 NOV

Students develop effective mould for production

DTU students are competing in an international synthetic biology competition (iGEM), presenting new tools to control moulds in biotechnological processes.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Fermentation Innovation and product development
Lone Gram fotograferet af Bax LIndhardt
09 OCT

Lone Gram accepted into 'The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters'

Professor Lone Gram is one of 15 outstanding scientists to become new members of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. They enter into a yearlong tradition...

Bacteria and microorganisms
Newly discovered enzyme increases biomass value illustration
06 OCT

Newly discovered enzyme increases biomass value

With the discovery of a new enzyme, it may one day become possible to use the plants’ glue nutrient—lignin. The substance has applications in electronics, various...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bioenergy Energy production
Lone Gram og Mikkel Bentzon-Tilia ser på prøver
06 OCT

Entire bacterial community can provide us with new antimicrobial agents

Instead of isolating antimicrobial agent-producing bacteria in laboratories, development is taking a new turn: Now the bacteria must live together just as they do in nature...

Bacteria and microorganisms Cells Synthetic biology Biotechnology and biochemistry Health and diseases
Timothy Jenkins og Bo Staermose
29 SEP

Young DTU researcher receives the research award 'Bright idea of the year'

Postdoc Timothy Jenkins is developing a new and innovative method for treating digoxin poisoning, earning him the Otto Mønsted Foundation's researcher prize, &lsquo...

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Alexander Kai Buell
21 SEP

2 M DKK to develop a revolutionary new methodology

Villum Experiment grant of 2 M DKK will give a better understanding of the fundamental physics behind an important biological process and its link to some severe diseases...

Physics Biotechnology and biochemistry
Bjarke Bak Christensen. Foto Mikal Schlosser
16 SEP

Danish strengths must be utilized in the green transition

Danish core competencies in bio- and food technology can lead to far better utilization of the earth's resources and can enable Denmark to become world supplier of novel...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Food, fish and agriculture
Hvide køer i stalden
16 SEP

Cows on diet emit 40 per cent less methane

Feed changes can reduce methane formation from microorganisms in the cow’s paunch and reduce cows' emissions by 40 per cent without compromising milk yield.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Environment and pollution Food, fish and agriculture
Ædre dame close up af øje
15 SEP

New biotechnological method gives hope for treatment of AMD

Special substances extracted from seaweed using enzymes have been shown in laboratory tests to have a protective effect against the eye disease AMD.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Medicine and medico technology
04 SEP

DTU spinout raises DKK 14 M in seed financing

DTU spinout Chromologics, receives DKK 14 M to accelerate the development and approval of ChromoRed, a natural and sustainable red food coloring.

Food production Fermentation
Plastikaffald i havet
02 SEP

Engineered enzymes can turn plastic waste into carbon

New methods developed at DTU Bioengineering have the potential to convert plastic waste into a new source of carbon.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Environment and pollution
Ammende kvinde
03 JUL

New study sets the stage for the next generation milk formula

Researchers at DTU have shown for the first time that breast milk promotes a core group of health beneficial bacteria of the adult gut microbiota, setting the stage for...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Health-promoting compounds


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