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24 SEP

New strategic alliance between NBF and Bioneer A/S

The National Biologics Facility (NBF) and Bioneer A/S enters into a strategic collaboration with the aim of commercializing combined CRO services for mammalian expression...

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22 SEP

DTU is part of the world's first research center on CO2 capture

DTU contributes development of enzymes to a new research center, which will remove CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into raw materials.

CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaption Environment and pollution Innovation and product development Enzymes and proteins
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30 JUN

Study maps effect of dietary fiber

Analysis methods map the effect of dietary fiber on human intestinal bacteria, the microbiome, and show that not all fibers are equal and that different dietary fibers...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Enzymes and proteins
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08 JUN

Bioengineering tomorrows’ sustainable plant-based food

Two new projects with participation from DTU aim at developing a new food category of tasty plant based proteins.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Food production Food technology
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31 MAY

The consequences of malnutrition are inheritable

Damage to the microbiome caused by malnutrition is transmitted from mothers to newborns and has lifelong consequences for their physical and intellectual development.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Enzymes and proteins
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25 MAY

Strong partnerships to solve climate challenges

In order to develop the innovative and cutting-edge solutions that are required to solve the climate challenges, we need strong partnerships across disciplines and sectors...

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Mand viser straa frem paa en mark
29 APR

DKK 50 million for sustainable biotech solutions

Innovation Fund Denmark supports research into sustainable solutions to control fungal pathogens in agriculture, to break down plastic and to accelerate bioproduction of...

Waste management Environment and pollution Enzymes and proteins Biotechnology and biochemistry
Research into industrial enzymes, replacement of plant toxins and degradation of plastics
20 APR

Grants for projects to reduce plastic and pesticides

Innovation Fund Denmark supports research into sustainable solutions to replace pesticides, break down plastic and accelerate bioproduction of chemicals, medicines and...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Enzymes and proteins Synthetic biology Environment and pollution Environmental chemistry Medicine and medico technology
Bio plant Studstrup. Photo: Colourbox
09 APR

New enzymes to improve the efficiency of biomass breakdown

A new class of enzymes show great potential for streamlining the decomposition of biomass for further conversion into energy and bio-products.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Enzymes and proteins Waste management Climate adaption
Bernard Henrissat
08 APR

Enzyme pioneer will help Danish research scale new heights

One of the world's leading enzyme researchers Bernard Henrissat is moving his research to DTU, where he will contribute to building an internationally leading research...

Biotechnology and biochemistry


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