Researchers looking into microscopes

DTU Bioengineering provides both a fundamental and applied understanding of biological and molecular systems, which are used in biotechnology and biomedicine. A key focus is to provide the technological and biological means to discover new bioactive molecules, proteins/enzymes or biologics (microorganisms or microbiomes) for biomedical or biotechnological purposes.

Engineering the molecules of life for a sustainable and healthy future
DTU Bioengineering research aim
Forefront infrastructures providing state-of-the-art capabilities in e.g. fermentation and high-throughput screening, mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and proteomics support the research. The interdisciplinary approach to research is built upon teamwork, collaboration with other departments at DTU, national and international institutions, and industries in the public and private sectors. The research is organized in four tightly interconnected research sections and two research centers.