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Bjarke Bak Christensen

Bjarke Bak Christensen, Head of Department.

Collaboration between universities and companies is a Danish strength.

An open and trusting relationship in innovation processes and in the transfer of technology creates unique opportunities for development and marketing of new products.

When the collaboration in addition is based in strong academic environments both at universities and in companies the result is world-class innovation.

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A biosensor equipped with a nanochip can detect diarrhoea bacteria in piglets and reduce agricultural consumption of antimicrobial agents. Read more
Researchers from DTU are the first in Europe to share results on mapping proteins on a single-cell level using Mass Spectrometry-based proteomics Read more
Using an innovative method, MSc student Sofie Føns has taken the first step towards developing the world’s first spider antivenom based on human antibodies... Read more
In a new study, researchers from DTU and the research unit for childhood asthma COPSAC have—as the first in the world—shown that immune system responses... Read more
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Job Postings
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