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Bjarke Bak Christensen

Bjarke Bak Christensen, Head of Department DTU Bioengineering.

The Corona pandemic tests the universities' ability to become part of the national emergency response.

This is very much the case at DTU Bioengineering, where several research groups contribute to the development of new methods for detecting corona viruses, they conduct research in biological markers for dangerous influenza viruses and develop enzymes for reagents.

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At DTU Bioenineering the Corona pandemic triggers considerable research activity and laboratories are part of the national emergency response. Read more
In a very short amount of time, researchers at DTU have succeeded in producing enzymes that are used in corona tests. Read more
DTU and Statens Serum Institut establish a diagnostics unit to analyze if facemasks protects against virus infections. Read more
An international research team aim at finding biological markers for when the flu virus has the potential to jump from animals to humans. Read more
DTU and Statens Serum Institut are developing three new and rapid instruments for on-site diagnosis of coronavirus. Two of them are scheduled to be... Read more
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Job Postings
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