The research groups, general faculty and technological cores at DTU Bioengineering are divided into four research sections, which are each focused on a specific scientific area within life science and bioengineering. All research groups are established, headed and managed by a senior researcher, who is responsible for developing strategies within her or his respective research niche, manage finances and personnel employed and secure external funding.


Applied Micro and Nano Technology
Dang Duong Bang

Bioanalytical Systems
Jenny Emnéus

Anders Wolff

Biotherapeutic Glycoengineering and Immunology
Steffen Goletz

Disease Systems Immunology
Susanne Brix Pedersen

Protease Network Degradomics
Ulrich auf dem Keller

Tropical Pharmacology
Andreas Hougaard Laustsen

Ubiquitin Signallling and Inflammation
Rune Busk Damgaard

 Cores and Collections

DTU Proteomics Core
Erwin Schoof
DTU Carbohydrate Analysis
Jane Agger & Jesper Holck