The research groups, general faculty and technological cores at DTU Bioengineering are divided into four research sections, which are each focused on a specific scientific area within life science and bioengineering. All research groups are established, headed and managed by a senior researcher, who is responsible for developing strategies within her or his respective research niche, manage finances and personnel employed and secure external funding.


Antimicrobial Agents
Anders Folkesson

Bacterial Ecophysiology & Biotechnology
Lone Gram

Bacterial Interactions & Evolution
Ákos T. Kovács

Infection Microbiology
Lars Jelsbak

Metabolic Signaling & Regulation
Mogens Kilstrup
Jan Martinussen

Nano Bio Integrated Systems
Winnie Svendsen

Natural Product Discovery
Thomas Ostenfeld Larsen
Ling Ding


Bacterial Fermentation Physiology & Performance
Gerd Siebold

Biosynthetic Pathway Engineering
Rasmus Frandsen

Eukaryotic Molecular Cell Biology
Uffe Hasbro Mortensen
Jakob Blæsbjerg Hoof

Yeast Biotechnology and Fermentation
José Luis Martinez Ruiz

Fungal Diversity and Application
Jens Christian Frisvad

Photosynthetic Cell Factories
Henrik Toft Simonsen

Fungal Systems Biology
Christopher Workman


Bioanalytical Systems
Jenny Emnéus

Anders Wolff

Biotherapeutic Glycoengineering and Immunology
Steffen Goletz & Kerstin Skovgaard

Disease Systems Immunology
Susanne Brix Pedersen

Innate Immunology
Peter Heegaard

Protease Network Degradomics
Ulrich auf dem Keller

Tropical Pharmacology
Andreas Hougaard Laustsen

Ubiquitin Signallling and Inflammation
Rune Busk Damgaard


 Cores and Collections

DTU Fermentation Core
José Luis Martinez Ruiz

IBT Culture Collection of Fungi 
Birgitte Andersen

DTU Proteomics Core
Erwin Schoof