Eukaryotic Molecular Cell Biology

Close-up of a gel with DNA after electrophoresis. Results of electrophoresis after PCR.
The group ambition is to contribute to a systemic biological understanding of the fundamental processes of molds and yeasts aimed at the development of "next generation" cell factories for the production of pharmaceuticals, food additives and mycotoxins and for the cure of fungal infections.

Based on biodiversity, it is also our priority to find and characterize new drugs in the above mentioned categories and identify the relevant genes and transfer them to our cell factories for further characterization. Both cell factories and drugs will constantly be developed through synthetic biological tools.
The group help develop new (or improved) methods to produce chemicals with activities ranging from antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs to flavoring and coloring agents, and thus contributing to improving people's health and quality of life.

The group activities are naturally linked to the biotech and clean tech industry. The development of new and improved production systems helps drive an industrial switch from the use of polluting petrochemicals to a more sustainable use of cell factories.