Continuing education


Continuing education

Top-of-the-line continuing education courses for biotech professionals 

Do you want the latest knowledge and cutting-edge research and technology within the biotech sector? Then look here. DTU Bioengineering is currently developing a series of new continuing education courses that will be offered in 2021 tailored at the biotech sector. Some courses are already available.
We give biotech industries an edge by bringing cutting edge research from DTU’s laboratories straight to biotech employees. Find your course here.


DTU Bioengineering

The Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine (DTU Bioengineering) addresses challenges of societal and scientific importance through basic and applied research, teaching, scientific consultancy and dissemination of knowledge within the areas of microbiology, biomedicine and biotechnology.
The department’s research lies within the areas of biochemistry, biophysics, molecular, structural and cellular biology, enzymology, immunology, microbial ecology and physiology, natural product chemistry, modelling nanotechnology and bioinformatics. A key focus of the department is the engineering approach to all aspects of biotechnology and biomedicine. This positions the department as a valuable player with unique competences in a growing biobased economy and with health systems transforming towards personalized medicine.

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