Bacterial Fermentation Performance and Physiology

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We conduct research at the interface of microbial physiology and genetics, protein biochemistry, bioprocess engineering, and synthetic biology with the aim to obtain a comprehensive understanding of bacterial physiology.

Our research activities are based on the identification and biochemical characterization of microbial transporters and metabolic pathways, the bacterial signalling pathways underlying the control of transporters, and application of the results for metabolic engineering of bacteria, mainly the Gram positive amino acid production organism C. glutamicum.
To obtain a comprehensive understanding of bacterial physiology.
Aim of research group
We work on the genetic engineering of microorganisms and investigates molecular mechanisms for signal transduction and stress responses by using genetically encoded sensors for metabolites and signalling molecules.
Moreover, we investigate signaling processes for potassium homeostasis and cell wall remodeling by the second-messenger molecule C-di-AMP in C. glutamicum and M. tuberculosis.