The  PhD & Postdoc Organization of Bioengineering (POB) is a network and a forum for the department’s PhD students and postdocs. The POB aims at being the voice of the PhDs and postdocs as well as framing our community at the department level. All PhDs and postdocs at the department are by default members of the organization, but it is driven by the committee consisting of volunteer PhDs and postdocs from all four sections of the department. The life and success of the POB depends on the commitment of the active members, so the committee is always looking for new members to help plan events etc. If you are interested in being an active part of the POB, don’t hesitate to contact us at: 

The committee meets monthly and here are the roles within the committee:

  • President - Runs the committee and organization direction
  • Secretary - Ensures structure  within the organization
  • Treasurer - In charge of fiscal responsibility
  • PR/Social Manager - Develops and executes a PR strategy
  • LSU Representative - POB liaison for the departmental LSU committee
  • PhD Committee Representative - Represents POB in the PhD committee for Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Chemical Engineering
  • General Members - Involved in idea development, organizing, and executing events

Besides representing the interests of the PhDs and postdocs in the LSU committee and in the PhD committee, the POB arranges various social, scientific and career oriented events. Some examples of previous events are pub quiz, board game night, company visits and scientific writing workshops, but all relevant ideas and initiatives are welcome.

  • Career events develop useful skills and career opportunities through lectures, company visits, and workshops.
  • Social events are the foundation for our strong network and sense of unity in the department. 
  • Scientific events such as lectures and workshops develop valuable skills, give new insights, and inspiration.

Additionally, the POB functions as the main organizational platform for PhDs in our department. We represent the interests of the PhDs and make sure that they are taken into account in the department.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at: