DTU Carbohydrate Analytics Core

We provide the necessary analytical tools for research and development within sustainable and green biotechnology.

In the Carbohydrate Analytics Core we offer a wide range of carbohydrate analyses using state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation. We offer both routine analysis and highly specialized investigations for particular compounds. Our analytical capabilities are constantly developing and changing to fit the needs of our customers and collaborators, and we are open to new ideas and discussions of how to solve future challenges in carbohydrate analysis.

Our instrumentation focuses on liquid chromatography (ion exchange-PAD, size exclusion, normal phase and reverse phase) with mass spectrometry (ESI-iontrap, QTof and MALDI-ToF).

We have special expertise within

  • Monosaccharide compositional analysis
  • Oligosaccharide profiling
  • Molecular weight distribution of soluble polysaccharides
  • Quantification of carbohydrate-related substitutions like acetate, sulfate, and hydroxycinnamates
  • Determination of Klason lignin

Possible carbohydrates could include, but is not limited to; cellulose, hemicellulose (xyloglucan, arabinoxylan, glucuronoxylan and (gluco)mannan), pectin, human milk oligosaccharides, alginate, fucoidan, carrageenan and microbial exopolysaccharides.

PHD Course

The Core offers a 5 ECTS credits, PhD-level, hands-on course where students learn the theoretical and practical backgrounds for analyzing various carbohydrates.
The course is offered upon student request or when practically possible.

Contact the core managers if you want to know more.